about myself

Hi! I am a creator by passion, a programmer by choice and an engineer by education. I find a way to connect and engage people, with technology, and hence my love for application development. Created a micro-blogging platform when I was in seventh grade, I have always found myself attracted to new technology, Flutter being my latest love.

I develop full-stack applications for mobile and the web, which run on different platforms.

M o r e I n f o R e s u m e

Work Experience

Here are some interesting places I have worked at. Yours can be next!

Flutter Developer Intern


Developing a mobile application for Android and iOS. Testing, bug fixing and preparing it for release.

Software Developer Intern

Sataiva Technologies

Created dynamic and static web applications using technologies like React, Gatsby, Webpack, and Sass.

Product Development Intern

Skyrocket Knowledge India Pvt. Ltd.

Created and released a web and mobile application for the LIPSINDIA community, which interacts with a 3rd party service provider to stream live classroom sessions.

Content Writer


Creating and curating SEO friendly content for the web, around technical topics.

I do

Full Stack Web Development and Cross Platform Mobile Application development. Be careful while ordering food beside me, as I try to figure out the tech stack behind the app, and I do think out loud.

Frontend Development

I work with HTML, CSS, JS, React, Redux, Gatsby, Sass, BootStrap, Material Design, and Wordpress to craft websites which don't just attract users, but also engage them to interact.

Backend Development

I have experience with Nodejs, the Express Framework, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB, for creating REST APIs. I can also create supercharged API endpoints with GraphQL.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

I was one of the early adopters of Flutter, and use it to build almost every app presently. Apart from that I also have a working knowledge of React Native.


I have worked with Firebase of many of my projects, and I can engage in prolific implementation of the same, both on web and on mobile. I have also worked with the Google Cloud Platform and Hasura.

Latest Projects

Here, have a look at some of my doodles with code.

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Live Unanimous Currency Interconversion

Python - Terminal Based

Web Based Project Management System

React, Redux, Firebase

Mobile App to Watch YouTube Videos

Flutter, Dart, Firebase, YouTube API v3

Web Application to detect Faces in Images

React, Node, Express, Clarifai API

Mobile Application to Detect Apparel in Images

Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Clarifai API

Book Directory Web App

React, Apollo, Node, Express, GraphQL

Contact Me

If you would like to work on something that can cause a paradigm shift, or maybe binge watch all (only) 15 episodes of Sherlock, with pizza, let me know.